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Thank you to Alnet and Bostik for sponsoring shadecloth and marine sealant Bostik glue to install toadsavers! To install your own toadsaver in your pool:

Choose a sunny, wind-free day, switch off your pump and backwash the pool by 5cm, cut out 1m x 1.2m garden mesh. Place stones on the sides of the mesh to keep it in place around the corner of your pool.

Place a strip of Bostik silicone marine glue to hold mesh in place on top, smooth with finger. Place strip of glue down each side of the tiles above the water to keep mesh stretched tight preventing toads from swimming behind the toadsaver.

Cut sides of mesh 1/2 hour later when the glue is dry, refill pool the next day.

Your toad can now exit freely reducing chlorine absorption and swimming pool drownings! Well done!! For other frogs, place a large rock on a step, they can't climb up the toadsaver like the toads do! (toads can walk, frogs can only hop!)

A strip of mesh may be placed over the weir in a similar way to prevent toads from getting sucked down the weir or place a piece of polystyrene in weir and check pool every morning – especially after rain. Video clip of Suzie showing us how to install a toadsaver.


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