Toad NUTS Noordhoek Unpaid Toad Savers

What to do

Install a toadsaver in your pool to allow toads to exit and place a rock on your step or check your pool each morning especially after rain.

If you are building a swimming pool, choose an animal friendly pool built above the ground.

Create a vegetable garden or veggie scrap patch to provide insects for your toads to eat. Avoid using pesticides - toads do this free of charge!

Dig carefully as toads like to burrow underground. Check the first 5cm of soil for toads as well as for visible burrows before using a spade.

You can provide some hiding places that shelter for your toads i.e piles of rocks, wood or retainer blocks.

Cover open drains or put mesh down the drain for toads to escape. To rescue trapped toads, use a small soup ladle with a long handle.

Create your own breeding pond of at least 1.4m deep wide, and provide a permanent water body to attract breeding toads.

Encourage your local roadworks department to animal-proof storm water drains, preventing the death of creatures too small to escape.

Toads & pets don't usually have problems but if your pet bites a toad and ingests poison, rinse and wipe the liquid from its mouth before taking it to the vet.

Place a solar lantern in your garden to attract moths and insects for your toad to eat. Avoid short grass - indigenous vegetation is water-friendly and provides an ideal natural habitat for toads.

Raise your dog's water bowl by placing an inverted bowl underneath to prevent toads from climbing in, alternetavely place a stone for easy exit.

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