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Join ToadNUTS kids and Donovan Copley for a fundraising music concert on Thursday 16th June 2016 at Cafe Roux!

Join Donovan Copley and ToadNUTS Kids (THE RUBBER BAND) at Cafe Roux on Thursday 16th June for a charity concert in aid of a Toadsaver installation drive in the Noordhoek valley to save western leopard toads from drowning in our swimming pools. Tickets limited so please book online at ASAP - hope to see you…


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New Toad app sponsored!

We now have a very cool new toad app kindly donated by Datasmith (

Go to to join as a member and go to the playstore on android phones to download the toadnuts app.

Iphone app will be coming out shortly!

Thank your so much Brandon for this amazing tool!!


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Join ToadNUTS kids and Donovan Copley for a fundraising music concert 6:30pm on Thursday 18th June!

Join Donovan Copley from Hot Water and ToadNUTS for a fundraising MUSIC CONCERT on Thursday 6:30pm at Monkeyvalley!

Main act: DONOVAN COPLEY from HOT WATER accompanied by ToadNUTS Kids…


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2014 Toad season Noordhoek & surrounds

Thank you to Richard for the very much appreciated time and effort that goes into collecting and putting together these stats!



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KirMiTS - 340 toads and counting (but sadness in Lakeside)

Hi All

340 toads found to date by the Kirstenhof toaders - thanks so much to all the reliable 'rosterees' and al the ad hoc helpers!

It has been great to have so many kids as well - like 5 year old Emma who asked her Mom last night 'can we do this every day'!  Love that.

Sadness in Lakeside Main Road where every toad we see is a dead toad - almost impossible to police that road...need a Plan B for next year (maybe 'B' for barrier…


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Toad barrier fence Noordhoek

The last portion of the toad barrier fence will be put up this week on Noordhoek Main Road. A huge thank you to ToadNUTS kids Roots & Shoots and Donovan Copley for putting on an amazing Green Concert to fund this initiative! Thank you to our community who so generously supported the event and to Monkey Valley who sponsored the venue!…


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Noordhoek, Fishoek and Sunvalley Toad season has started!

Thank you to all of our volunteers have kicked off the season to a good start and to Richard for these stats!

Please contact me on 0824761016 if you would like to volunteer and look out for the weekend where there should be more movement with the next rains coming! Please check your pools and drains for the next 6 - 8 weeks as toads can easily get trapped on their way to the ponds!

Here are our statistics so far!


Noordhoek stats for Thursday to Saturday (wet and…


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KirMiTS 2014 - let the toading begin

Hi All

Information & training session to be held this Saturday, 26 July, at the Tokai Library from 10h00-11h30.  Contact me for more details - or 0834414740.

Thanks, Susan.

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Donovan Copley from Hot Water and ToadNUTS kids!

We have raised R11 000 which will cover the cost of the toad barrier fence for Noordhoek Main Road from the vet to Silvermine Road! Thank you to EVERYBODY who supported this magical evening!

A HUGE thank you to Donovan Copley from HOT WATER for performing for us and working…


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ToadNUTS Kids & Donovan Copley from Hot Water

Dear toad person!

You are invited to join ToadNUTS and ToadNUTS kids for a fantastic Green Concert featuring Donovan Copley from Hot Water in concert with our young ‘Green’ musicians in aid of a toad barrier fence.

Date: Thursday 26th June 2014

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Snacks will be served and cash bar available

Tickets: Adults: R100

Children and Pensioners: R50

Venue: Monkey Valley, Noordhoek

100% proceeds go directly to installing a toad barrier fence on…


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Toads in action!

Thanks Zach Vincent for a video clip.

This story is just about to be repeated this July! Please watch and look out for some of the ToadNUTS towards the end!

We are desperatly short of volunteers in Noordhoek and surrounds, please let us know if you are able to help out this season!

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ToadNUTS kids clean up the streets!

ToadNUTS kids prevented human roadkill by cleaning up the streets!

What are you going to do for your community today? Every small kind act creates a positive ripple effect!

and in this case especially.. prevention is better than cure!

A large amount of builders stone had fallen onto the road at a…


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toad saver group in the states

there's a group of volunteers saving toads in philadelphia, pennsylvania to read about:

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ToadNUTS kids & Jane Goodall

Check out the following link to watch the video clip of ToadNUTS kids with Jane Goodall;

Thanks to Leigh Wood for video…


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Observatory toadlets

There are a large number of toadlets in the South African Astronomical Observatory. A few
Have been around during the last couple of weeks, but they appeared en masse during the storm on Saturday. I have posted some pictures of some rescued from a swimming pool today.

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Toad Patrols in Oregon

I was delighted to receive the report about the highly successful effort at containing your toads with drift fences and pitfall traps, and the efforts to get the toads successfully across the road. Your success is heartening, especially for someone who, for the past 30 years, has attempted similar efforts in our little community of Sunriver, Oregon (USA). Here, we have the Western Toad (Anaxyrus boreas, aka Bufo boreas). Although the speed limit within Sunriver is 25 mph, we still…


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Toadlets started to leaves ponds

Hi all
Please check your swimming pools and drainpipes every morning and install a toad saver or put a car mat over the edge, toadlets have started to leave with the rain or sprinkler systems from some Noordhoek ponds, please report all sightings

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Western leopard toad data

Dear prized Western Leopard Toad savers,

Please be so kind as to follow the link below and fill out the form if you have not done so yet ASAP

Kind regards

Mr Donnavan Kruger

PhD Candidate

School for Biological Sciences

North-West… Continue

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Toadlets Skilpadsvlei and rain on the way!

Wally found the first five toadlets today at Skilpadsvlei where the City of Cape Town reinstated a natural pond that was filled in a few decades due to residents complaining about mosquitoes!

Wally found these five burrowed into the sand under the rocks. They are waiting for the ideal conditions to leave the pond which will give them the best chance of survival - wet overcast weather - I have seen a toadlet so desperate to hydrate that it made a quick dash for the swimming… Continue

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Toadlets due soon this month!

If your toads bred in the first part of the breeding season, it's likely that they may be ready to leave the pond this month.


Toad saver in pool or drape a car floor mat over the edge of your pool with a rock at the top.

Mesh covering all outdoor drains

Veggie scrap patch to provide bugs for them to eat

Mow your grass now on a sunny day so you don't have to mow for two months while they are hiding in the grass!

Garden pond… Continue

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