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KirMiTS - 340 toads and counting (but sadness in Lakeside)

Hi All

340 toads found to date by the Kirstenhof toaders - thanks so much to all the reliable 'rosterees' and al the ad hoc helpers!

It has been great to have so many kids as well - like 5 year old Emma who asked her Mom last night 'can we do this every day'!  Love that.

Sadness in Lakeside Main Road where every toad we see is a dead toad - almost impossible to police that road...need a Plan B for next year (maybe 'B' for barrier…


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KirMiTS 2014 - let the toading begin

Hi All

Information & training session to be held this Saturday, 26 July, at the Tokai Library from 10h00-11h30.  Contact me for more details - or 0834414740.

Thanks, Susan.

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KirMiTS - 70 toads tonight

The Kirstenhof toads started their 'big' move tonight (Friday 6th September) with over 70 toads saved - and unfortunately at least 6 dead.  If previous years are anything to go by, we expect the next few nights to see all our toads moving to the breeding sites and back again.

Any help is welcome - to supplement the fantastic KirMiTS teams.  Contact me on 0834414740 or meet at the Church of the Holy Spirit parking lot, Raapkraal Road, Kirstenhof at…


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KirMiTS - toads on the move!

Hi Everyone

Carol Fallowes reported calling in the Marina on Sunday and we started patrolling on Monday night.  Our toads are definitely on the move with about 20 on Monday and 25 last night.  Thanks to all the great volunteers including our 'newbies' who have come out - especially those you are willing to walk in the rain!

Raapkraal and Kerner Road breeding sites are calling now.  Sadly - about 7 dead already - mostly on Main Road (Lakeside and Kirstenhof/ Frogmore Estate) -…


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KirMiTS - let the Toading begin

The 2013 toading season is upon us - training for those in the Southern suburbs takes place on 20 July at 15h15 at the Tokai library.  For more info - Susan (083 441 4740).

If you can't make the training but would like to volunteer for the season please let us know!  Some long-term volunteers are no longer available so please sign-up.

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Everyone is amazed at the loud and plentiful snoring this year.  The KirMiTS ponds are still calling Raapkraal, Duck Pond, Westlake River at Lakeside Main Road, Rutter Road and all over the Marina.  Many volunteers out last night and again tonight.

Tuesday was our big night so far - 309 toads - 264 in Kirstenhof (with 8 dead) plus the 30 volunteers reported in an earlier blog.  Thanks again to the volunteers - we really value your involvement.

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Wow - I asked for extra help in the KirMiTS area and we had 30 people out tonight - so amazing - thanks guys.  It was especially good to have 10 kids helping.  Some of them are from Kirstenhof Primary - thanks Alison for the talks you have given there and to the school & teachers for keeping Leopard Toads on the agenda.



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KirMiTS - let the toading begin!

Well after 3 weeks of having teams on stand-by (some of which did go out anyway), our toads started moving in earnest tonight in Kirstenhof, and, it seems Lakeside and Marina - still waiting to hear from Muizenberg.

We had over 30 in Kirstenhof - 1 dead but, unfortunately, 6 killed on Main Road in Lakeside.  This is really frustrating - the most hectic road in our area - most of them were near Toad in the Road and we are going to have to think smart to change the racers on…


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