Toad NUTS Noordhoek Unpaid Toad Savers

Noordhoek, Fishoek and Sunvalley Toad season has started!

Thank you to all of our volunteers have kicked off the season to a good start and to Richard for these stats!

Please contact me on 0824761016 if you would like to volunteer and look out for the weekend where there should be more movement with the next rains coming! Please check your pools and drains for the next 6 - 8 weeks as toads can easily get trapped on their way to the ponds!

Here are our statistics so far!


Noordhoek stats for Thursday to Saturday (wet and rainy nights)

Total road patrols: 12

Total hours patrolled: 22

No of different people patrolling roads: 13

Toads on the Road (Alive 45; Dead 13). The % dead is 22,4% on the road

Total bucket patrols: 7

No of different people checking buckets: 8 (3 of them did not do road patrols therefore so far 16 people involved)

Toads in buckets: 11

Toads behind barrier: 2

Total toads bucket and barrier: 13 (Alive 13; Dead 0) all Dassenberg side

Noordhoek Total Stats (Alive 58; Dead 13) all on Thursday night except the 3 dead on Friday and Saturday.

The % dead is 18,3% if we include the barrier.

Fish Hoek Stats (Alive 14, Dead 1) all on Thursday night

Sun Valley Stats (Alive 9, Dead 0) all on Thursday night.


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