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The last portion of the toad barrier fence will be put up this week on Noordhoek Main Road. A huge thank you to ToadNUTS kids Roots & Shoots and Donovan Copley for putting on an amazing Green Concert to fund this initiative! Thank you to our community who so generously supported the event and to Monkey Valley who sponsored the venue!

Donovan Copley will be playing this Thursday at Cafe Roux - hope to see you there! - contact Cafe Roux for more info.

We would like to say a big thank you to city for mowing the verges and to Alison and Wally's team who have worked incredibly hard to put up these barriers as well as to the volunteers who patrol the fences and to Alison and Richard who are continuously maintaining them!!

There is an incredible amount of time and effort that goes into making this work so thank you to all of you!!

Barrier on Noordhoek Main Road

Toad NUTS Kids Roots & Shoots

Our amazing community who supported this event!!

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